Lexi said it, not me.

As did Erica.

And then Liz made me some serious fanart.

I've also been inducted into Rolly's Spuffy Mafia.

And Caitlin would like to call me "Master".


"Mari is full of joy and sunshine. She ships all of the things, especially Buffy/Anya, and she is a meta queen." -Nicole


Oh wait people keep following me here today bc of that meta but I shut this blog down a year ago and now I’m here~

reminder that i have moved to a new blog and you can message me for the url (regardless if you are a stranger to me or whatever)!

Anonymous asked
I've been following you for several months now and I must say that you're one of my favorite blogs. Can I have your new URL so I can keep following you?

Thanks, anon! You are lovely. <3

You can message me un-anon and I’ll give it to you. :)

This is probably the last real post on this blog, idk. I’m moving blogs, possibly for good. You can message me for the url of the new one.

ETA: Don’t be afraid to ask for it! This isn’t a super personal blog or anything, I just don’t really want to link here.

Lol I scrolled down to the top two and they’re Willow and Mal.


So I was reading a link ranking the top ten Whedon characters and getting really annoyed at how Fred’s entire contribution was reduced to AHITW when I saw that they’d ranked Buffy way down at #7 and gave up on the article altogether.


Stupidest posts—>most notes

if this doesn’t get more than 1000 notes i’ll lose faith in humanity

Anonymous asked
seems your son is following in spike's footsteps

omg but whyyyy

he was actually wearing this yesterday and he was biting me on my neck and I tried to explain the paradox to him but he just laughed and went for the jugular instead

why do they all say to bite him back

what if i don’t want to do that

but ow