Lexi said it, not me.

As did Erica.

And then Liz made me some serious fanart.

I've also been inducted into Rolly's Spuffy Mafia.

And Caitlin would like to call me "Master".


"Mari is full of joy and sunshine. She ships all of the things, especially Buffy/Anya, and she is a meta queen." -Nicole


So I was curious and also procrastinating and I went back through my posts to see when all the random anon hate started up, because it’s seemed more prolific than usual lately. 

And apparently I had no anon hate (minus one in December that I discount because we chatted afterward off anon and it was a misunderstanding) for at least six months before Buffy Peace.

And it all started up then and hasn’t let up.

So my assumption that it’s all the same person harassing me? Is probably correct. My assumption of who it is (and I won’t name names but I did for a single ask during the Buffy Peace debacle which I deleted afterward out of consideration for her bc her blog was still active LOL WHY DO I BOTHER BEING NICE TO THESE PEOPLE)? Likely also correct, considering that this person has also stopped even pretending that she isn’t checking in on my blog daily to find reasons to hate me. (It’s come to the point that I stop by there whenever there’s wank on my blog to enjoy her angry commentary!) 

My assumption that this is also the same person harassing one of my friends now? Welp. Writing style: same. Used to harass my friend non-anon as well before she was blocked: check. Irritation level: also same.

It’s kind of a relief to realize that these are all coming from the same person, because up until the recent anon hate I hadn’t really felt like “the problem child of fandom.” I’d be involved in the periphery of kerfluffles or hated on because I had more followers than whoever, but people really did seem to like me and I liked them. And now looking back at everything that came before, I don’t see any anger or hatred pointed toward me, and I’m finally confident again that I really am liked in fandom. And this isn’t a hostile place for me.

And that makes me really happy and want to just appreciate you all for being so wonderful to me!

(I considered shutting off anon after this realization, but I know that the majority of people use it just because they’re self-conscious about their thoughts, and I refuse to let one person ruin it for the rest of you. <3)

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