Lexi said it, not me.

As did Erica.

And then Liz made me some serious fanart.

I've also been inducted into Rolly's Spuffy Mafia.

And Caitlin would like to call me "Master".


"Mari is full of joy and sunshine. She ships all of the things, especially Buffy/Anya, and she is a meta queen." -Nicole


Anonymous asked
I've been following you for several months now and I must say that you're one of my favorite blogs. Can I have your new URL so I can keep following you?

Thanks, anon! You are lovely. <3

You can message me un-anon and I’ll give it to you. :)

Anonymous asked
seems your son is following in spike's footsteps

omg but whyyyy

he was actually wearing this yesterday and he was biting me on my neck and I tried to explain the paradox to him but he just laughed and went for the jugular instead

Anonymous asked
How do you feel about people being able to buy a video of Mark (from markwatches) watching an episode of BTVS? I watched part of one and it all just seems so fake to me, as do all of his posts. Just wanted to know your thoughts if you had any.

I guess it isn’t much different than him selling books of his reactions? It seems in bad taste to me as a fan, but he isn’t a fan- this is his business, and if people want to buy in to a whole lot of squeeing and no real content, that’s their prerogative.

Leaves a bad taste in my mouth, though. :/

Anonymous asked
Do you think the season 9 spuffy has been boring? Or just repetitive? Or neither?

Most definitely neither! I…don’t really understand the purpose of an ask like this to a blog like mine?

But yeah, we’ve never gotten this kind of Spuffy relationship before- one where they’re both so comfortable with each other as steady support, one with baggage not nearly as weighty as in S7, one where they’re friends before everything else. This is a Buffy unafraid of indicating that she cares strongly for Spike, but unwilling to delve into the romantic implications of it- and a Spike who’s finally reached the point where he can recognize that the best thing for him at the moment is indeed to be proactive instead of lurking in the background.

If it doesn’t seem original, it’s because it’s the kind of wish-fulfillment front-and-center arc that fanfiction writers have had the opportunity to write up until now, but the series never has. And I’m very, very glad that we’re finally getting that canonical, in-depth treatment of Spuffy that doesn’t turn it into something twisted and uncomfortable.

Anonymous asked
can't things have value even if they aren't necessarily groundbreaking? i mean i still think willow and tara's kiss is hella important even if i know it wasn't the first? but it was still pretty early, and it's still pretty damn unusual for a show to go that way... idk i think i get your point in that btvs isn't the ultimate best show for doing all of these things first, but i suppose it's a sensitive spot for me because willow and tara's relationship was groundbreaking for me personally

No, I think they definitely do have some value! And the one thing that I’d posit might be groundbreaking about Willow/Tara (and correct me if I’m wrong, Kelly) is that it’s the first lesbian kiss that isn’t in an episode centered completely around said lesbianism as a “very special episode” kind of presentation.

For me, personally, it’s the huge buildup by fandom that leaves me underwhelmed. Like…you’re going to a play and a bunch of your friends have been raving about how it’s amazing and the first ever to do x, y, and z, and you’re really, really excited…and then you watch it, and it’s good, but not nearly as good as you’ve been told and now you’re also watching with a level of disappointment at how your expectations have been so lowered.

Anonymous asked
I just saw a gifset of Rocky Horror Picture Show and had to remind myself for the 548934034053 time that Kristen Sutherland is NOT Janet.

omg yesyes she does look like a younger Joyce! 

………..headcanon achieved. 

Anonymous asked
new otp: mari/soup

OR I encourage Spike and Buffy to go on a soup date

Mari/soup/Spuffy OT3 5eva~

Anonymous asked
Did you know the actor who played Scott season 3 of BTVS was in an "Are You Afraid Of The Dark" episode? Check out "The Tale of The Dream Girl".

I only saw one episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark that I can remember, actually (something with a werewolf?? I just remember some guy telling someone else to leave while he started to change OMG WAS I WATCHING BUFFY?). But I shall post for the many of you who may have seen it!

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