Lexi said it, not me.

As did Erica.

And then Liz made me some serious fanart.

I've also been inducted into Rolly's Spuffy Mafia.

And Caitlin would like to call me "Master".


"Mari is full of joy and sunshine. She ships all of the things, especially Buffy/Anya, and she is a meta queen." -Nicole


So you want to ship Spuffy- a guide to not being an ass about it.

  • So you want to ship Spuffy! Congratulations! You’ve been drawn to a ship that hosts probably more fans than any other BtVS ship, some of the most brilliant meta and fanfiction I’ve ever read, and some of the greatest people I’ve ever met.
  • Keep in mind from the start that you are shipping something incredibly problematic. Which is okay! You’re allowed to enjoy something with problematic aspects, and even support the non-problematic parts of it. No one’s telling you that loving a fictional villain is wrong because he killed someone, for example.
  • But no media exists in a vacuum, and when you refuse to acknowledge the faults of characters or a relationship, you’re enabling your own ignorance to those same things in the real world. So don’t.

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Why I'll be a Great Mum

Child: Mom, I'm gay

Me: That's nice sweetheart, come watch Buffy with me.

Child: I just don't see the appeal of Spuffy, Mom.


lol what is this word vomit

no spoilers for the new comic, just speculation on what might come next (with liz’s and caikes’s input)

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coalitiongirl replied to your post: ~sorry for my icon

It’s beautiful, and it steals her breath away. The sun closer than any human has seen, illuminating the room in pinks and purples and orange. The blackness of space lit up by the brilliance around it. It’s everything Spike has claimed it would be. >
“I want you to have this,” he whispers from somewhere behind her, and she realizes suddenly that she hasn’t let go of his hand yet. They remain attached in the shadows, and she can’t bring herself to move any further away.
“I know you’ll never want to stay here again. Not without more trouble. But…when you come to visit…I want you to have this light.” His voice is hoarse, and she can feel her own throat closing up. >
“I want to give you the sun.” >
“I don’t want the sun,” she murmurs, the emotions overwhelming her until there are tears running down her face. “I want…” She remembers months of waiting, missing, wondering when he’d finally come back to her. >
She takes a step back, retreating into the shadows and indirect sunlight. “I want you.” >
And then she’s crying and moving closer, and through the sheen of tears dimming her view she can see his eyes wide and awed, and when she clasps her hands against his cheeks and pulls his mouth to her own, it’s a whole different kind of beautiful.
the end

Welp that’s all done.

Okay, let’s have a contest!

Rec me your favorite (COMPLETED MULTICHAPTER) Spuffy fic. The suggestion I like best shall get a pretty present of your choice! (Anything goes, but be aware that I like ‘em in-character)

Please please please?


spuffy prompt submitted by misskittyspuffy

I already did something similar by the past, but the art itself is different. I always pictured Buffy and Spike with a daughter (and her name would be Anne, simply because it was Spike’s mother name and it’s the middle name of Buffy ; how cliché, I know :P). I would love to write a fanfiction about it, but my proficiency of English isn’t enough elaborate for allowing me to do it. Anyway, considering the last events in the comics, I want to see that kind of thing even more :) Knowing the Buffyverse, they probably would go through a lot of difficulties, but I’m sure they would be wonderful parents.

It’s much too late at night to write fic, but I just went through the tag and saw this, soo word vomit time! 

(Season Six, probably a bit after Doublemeat Palace)

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